The NSBE Space Technology Session gives participants the opportunity to do something as/more technical than your job, something that you have a personal or technical interest in.

STS-2017 introduces and matures several types of skunkworks-like activities that can be developed in the Space SIG.  These activities give us an opportunity to look into new areas that may tie into some of the national decision making in progress.  It further gives companies, agencies, and individual space professionals the ability to step out and partner with NSBE Space and take ideas back to their home organizations.  One of our key values is the manner in which STS-2017 promotes collaboration among attendees from across Agencies such as NASA and the FAA and the host of aerospace companies across the country, bypassing institutional stovepiping.

STS-2017 helps African American attendees to more closely network, creating opportunities to target proposals from NASA, NSF, NOAA, etc. for future work.  These agencies often request collaborations involving multiple agencies and/or corporations in calls for proposals.  In today's climate of constrained institutional budgets, proposals are becoming increasingly important for sustaining funded work.  STS-2017 participation can help develop a diverse portfolio of technical contacts who may become partners in future funding proposals.

Finally, STS-2017 gives you the opportunity to be a co-author in a publication.  We are encouraging all participants to help prepare technical papers related to their project for publication at the 2018 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference and other industry conferences and journals.  We are passionate about increasing the number of technical publications authored by African American engineers and provide STS-2017 as the platform to create intellectual capital for publication.

Prepare to be intrigued, challenged, and amazed through the rich diversity of talent and experience that will be gathered by the Space SIG.  Partnering companies and agencies have the opportunity to leverage technical data generated by this conference and work alongside NSBE Space as we literally engineer new gateways to success on individual, agency/corporate, and ultimately global levels.